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Identifying Productive Zones & Determining The Most Appropriate Stimulation Techniques

Tight Oil Reservoirs California 2014

June 25-26 | Bakersfield | California

We are delighted to present the speaker faculty and brand new agenda for...

Bluescape Resources, CONSOL Energy, Anadarko Petroleum Corporation, Apache Reveal Case Studies On Cost-Effective Strategies For Well Intervention

Horizontal Well Intervention, Re-Stimulation & Remedial Workover Optimization 2014

April 23-24 | Houston | Texas

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Featured Event workover

The continued growth of lateral lengths combined with increasing complexity of fractured stages in horizontal wells mean the risk of wellbore, tubing and casing damage downhole and the complexity of repairs necessary to ensure integrity and productivity has rocketed. This combined with the fact that unconventional wells are also typically depleting 65-85% in the first year and another 20% in the subsequent years mean there is a growing impetus to optimize and innovate workover, restimulation and well intervention operations to improve the life of existing wells and restore production to maximize recovery in costly unconventional wells.

Innovations in coiled tubing, conveyance, eline and logging tools and the introduction of techniques for re-completions may ensure that depleting wells can be recovered and production maximized but such operations are not without significant cost implications and technical challenges. Unpredictable complications throughout production including damaged casing, pump changes, blocked perforations and broken and lost equipment downhole incur great risk, come at a high cost to repair and can, of course, result in complete failure of the well. A balance must be struck between optimizing the cost and speed of workovers and remedial well intervention while increasing the long-term effectiveness and safety of operations to reduce the economic risk of repairing wellbores and adequately extend the production time between workovers.

Additionally, the economic viability of re-completions operations is still relatively unknown and the technical challenges of re-fracturing are complex. Operators therefore need to carefully consider the economic gamble in repairing a depleting well or potential in-fill drilling operations against the cost of drilling a new well.

The Horizontal Well Intervention, Re-Stimulation & Remedial Workover Optimization 2014 is the only E&P led forum to provide technical talks and case study based strategies on effective optimization and cost reduction of both workovers and remedial well interventions. Senior E&P presenters will examine techniques for optimizing plug drillouts, cleanouts, coiled tubing interventions, casing repairs and fishing and evaluate how to enable re-completions in depleting wells. The content of the detailed two-day agenda has been created entirely by workover and intervention professional across American unconventional oil & gas operators.

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